Also I wanted to link to this guide for leveling hunters

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Yes... the process of leveling up in WoW prior to Cataclysm included many aspects that reduced the speed. It's essential to drink water and eat food after a few pulls particularly at the beginning. You must be cautious about dying often. There was a time when there was a leveling guide which claimed to be able to get you to 60 (or 70, depending upon your preference) within five days. It was also played (so 120 hours) very quickly. It's certainly not a quick process.It's classic...mana is essential. This isn't some infinite dps bar like retail. This is what all classic players would prefer. Every mob should be in close proximity to the player in control with at least 70 percent. You'll be surprised (played through all of classic) TBC seems WAY easier and less harsh with mob damage as well as mana regen. The leveling process is simpler for meI know this is a ridiculous but did you acquire a pet from hunter trainer quest? Hunter is one of the most simple classes to get to, perhaps the easiest if you're new to the game and it's due to having a pet that endures abuse from all the mobs and not your own character. If your pet isn't able to take on a lot of pressure, it's fine. Remember that when your pet is tanking it's not possible to go all out and just press all the buttons to eliminate the mob. This way you'll end up causing your pet to be overagrowed without a doubt. You need to be able to feel the flow of killing mobs. Although it can seem slow, it's due to the fact that WoW is made to be slow. You can't beat mobs by yourself unless you make use of certain strategies, like the dungeon booster. I do not recommend for novice players.In my other post I'd only recommend this if you're one of those players who can be absorbed in RPG's and never trying to rush to the levels on your first character. It doesn't sound like you're one of these players which is why I suggest you check out Questie. I'm certain there will be a tutorial on YouTube that will show you how to set it up.Also I wanted to link to this guide for leveling hunters, even though it's for much higher levels than you're at and if you've got time spare to check it out, you could find valuable pieces of info about the concepts of class and perhaps try and adapt it to your own levels. At the very minimum, you'll get some insight into how the game plays at higher levels if you skim through the guide after the introduction.It's not so difficult, you just need patience. Unless playing specific classes/builds, it's only possible to pull a single mob at the time precisely from the range and in a secure spot in which you're not likely to hurt anyone else. You also need to be sure to utilize every tool that are available to your class (or by using things such as first aid) to ensure you have 100% HP/Mana before pulling every single mob, in the event that you pull another one and it causes death. Yes, killing one mob takes a couple of minutes of mostly afking and auto attacking, as there aren't any resources buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold usually available for other things, but I guess that's the reason some people enjoy it. The game is extremely slow.We have many cheap wow gold,if you want to buy,you can access: