How to get this, you'll need Solar Ore

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It is now time to buy an Jug of Wine, and an Asgarnian Ale. It is necessary to sneak the Karajama Rum into the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. The last item is the peg leg. It is available by contacting Longbow Ben in the Rusty Anchor Pub. He says that his gold peg leg was stolen in the sinking of his ship by an enemy pirate. He says that if he can get it back, he'll provide him with his regular peg leg. The fishing platform close to the place where his vessel was submerged and get there.Bring an Fishing Rod! Once you've reached the Fishing Platform and are there, head to the southernmost fishing location and throw your line. Longbow Ben's golden peg leg can be discovered after you've taken some fish. The fisherman will offer you the peg legs if you return it to him. You'll need to take everything back to Stan. Stan will instruct you on how to finish another task. You have to kill the Sea Serpent who sank a vessel that was carrying the majority of his trade items.Get your top range of mage gear and begin sailing on the Trader Stan's Vessel. It is equipped with two cannons and two catapults and you are now set to sail. There are only 50 Cannon Balls and 50 large rocks and one Catapult. Be sure to make use of them properly. Once the captain has you in the area and will guide you to Pirate's Cove. Wait about an hour until the Serpent appears. There are only just a few seconds to keep him from drowning So, make sure to take your shots with care. After the fight, you can bring the serpent's head to the Trader Stan. Thank you! Congratulations! Challenge!You can acquire an ability that you can use as a pet. While my friend was playing on his other computer, I watched while I sat in the back. He was riding a kind of elephant, or I donu. I was thinking that Runescape should be able to have a pet ability. Although I'm not trying to be greedy, I am aware of the expense involved in running a refresh of Runescape. I'm not like the other novices who offer random ideas that cost hundreds of dollars.How to get this, you'll need Solar Ore, as well as a Solar Bar. The mining site and the Solar Ore on the west side of the. You can extract the sparkling rocks by digging down into the crater. 1 Solar Ore will be given to you. Also bring Hammers. To create a Solar Bar, combine the furnace and solar ore. Utilize the Solar Bar on the anvil, and select Smith Solar Staff. After you receive a Solar Staff, you will need to use it. (Requires the following skills: 80 Attack and 70 Magic to wield)How to get: Go back and mine 6 solar Ores. Next, go back to your furnace to melt 6 Solar Bars. They can be used to create these items with the anvil: 1 Solar Hood; 1 pair of Solar Gauntlets; 1 pair of Solar Boots; 1 Solar Robe Top. They need 70 Magic and 80 defense to be worn.IF you want to buy it ,we have many products like this ,you can access